If you happen to have film and would like to transfer it to dvd we can offer you some tips prior to bringing in your footage. First decide what order you would like your film to be in. Each reel will have its own separate chapter point along the dvd so please keep that in mind as well. The film to dvd process is a direct frame by frame transfer process.

We want to be completely honest with you about the cleaning process of your film. Most film does not need to be cleaned and honestly we feel it’s not fair to charge for this when there is no need. We will let you know if your film needs to be cleaned prior to running it through our machines however most likely your film is perfectly fine as is. Check to see if there is any visible dirt on the film or if there has ever been anything spilled on the film. If there happens to be dirt or dust on your film you can simply use an approved cleaner with a soft microfiber cloth. Do not use any chemicals as this could destroy the film.

Our film to dvd transfer is performed in Fort Collins Colorado using the highest quality transfer process. Our transfer is frame by frame. We automatically add a sharpening filter and color filter. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

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