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At Click Media Services we can convert the following formats to any digital format:
Hi 8, 8mm Tape, Digital 8 Tape, Super 8 Film, 8mm Film, 16mm Film, Beta, Umatic, Laser Disc, Mini DV,
VHS and VHS C (The mini VHS Tapes), Audio Cassette Tapes, LP Records, 35mm slides, and photos.

Click the 8mm Film Demo Link to view a sample of our 8mm film transfer: 8mm Film Demo

If you happen to have something that is not on our list please feel free to email or call us to find out if we have the capability of transferring it.

Video Production is one of our specialties so if you are planning a wedding, party, lecture or any other event where filming is necessary we are available. Ask us about our home family interviews.


VHS to DVD Transfer

Slideshow Creation,Slideshows,SlideshowVideo Transfer and Production Specials

At Click Media Services we take pride in fulfilling your VHS to DVD transfer order. We are now offering free tape repair should anything happen in transit. This includes repair of the cartridge as well as the film within. Trust us with your VHS to DVD Transfer and you won’t be disappointed. Guaranteed!

Throughout time the film within a vhs tape becomes brittle and begins to fail. The plastic casing also begins failing after time. We will repair the tape at no cost should it be damaged during shipping. This does not apply if the tape is broken before shipping. If the tapes are broken before being shipped the cost for the repair is $10 per tape. Tape repair can take as little as 10 minutes or as long as an hour in some cases. Sometimes (we call this an operation) we must completely remove the film from the tape cartridge and place the film into a completely new case.

Ready to send in your precious moments? Please download and complete the client intake form here:

Client Intake Form

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Wifi Setup

Wi-Fi setup at your home or office is always a chore. We are now offering basic wifi setup services for a flat rate of $49. Broadcast your SSID securely with a name you recognize. Setup custom passwords and limit bandwidth for specific users on your network. Your Wifi setup should be secure and manageable.

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Film To DVD

We offer state of the art frame by frame transfer services. Click on the link below to see an example of a digital film transfer. In addition to transferring to dvd we can also transfer to any other format to share with friends and family.

Our film to dvd transfer is performed in Fort Collins Colorado using the highest quality transfer process. Our transfer is frame by frame. We automatically add a sharpening filter and color filter. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

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Cloud Storage

At Click Media Services we offer Cloud Storage at no additional cost. You will be provided with a password and private link in order to view your transfers and note any changes requested to the final dvd video. Email or call for further detail on our super fast Cloud Storage!

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Last Will and Testament

Click Media Services will capture your Last Will and Testament so it will be around for years to come. We have specific questions to keep the conversation fun and entertaining while creating a very informative video. Email us now for more details.

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Security, Audio, Video

We offer commercial and residential installation services for security cameras. Keep your family or clients safe. You will be able to view your security cameras from anywhere in the world via the internet with our IP based cameras. We can build you an amazing audio and video system for your home or business as well. Simply use the contact form to obtain more information and to receive a no obligation quote.

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Streaming Media File

Anything we either record or transfer can be converted into a streaming media file. We will upload the converted file onto our servers and allow your friends and family access to download the files from anywhere in the world. You will then be able to take these files and upload them yourself to Facebook or YouTube.

  • $50.00 - $80.00

Sports Highlight Videos

We make state of the art sports highlight videos for potential recruiters. We have created football, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, and many other types of sports highlight videos. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Shipping & Location


If you are in the Denver area we now offer pickup and delivery services directly to your front door. Most often this service is free of charge to you.

Should you decide to ship simply package everything up securely and send everything to the following address:

Click Media Services
2851 Rock Creek Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80528

Don’t worry about anything being damaged in transit. If something breaks we can fix it at no charge to you. Also, we can provide you with a gps enabled box so you can track your precious memories.

If you are located in Fort Collins, CO we have pickup and drop off boxes for your convenience. We have 24/7 surveillance so your transfers are always safe with us. We are located off of Harmony and Ziegler. Take Rock Creek Drive and we are at the first roundabout. Look for the vehicle with the Click Media Services sign! Due to the nature of our business we advise setting up an appointment prior to your arrival. No appointment necessary if utilizing our drop off or pickup boxes.

Representatives are standing by to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us via one of the options listed below:

Toll Free: (877) 413-5867
Fort Collins: (970) 231-5901
Text: (970) 231-5901
Email: Service@clickmediaservices.com

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Film Transfers


We have state of the art equipment for your film transfers. We project from one camera to another which then goes through a direct digital feed (No recording the projection off the wall). We can assist you with 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm Film.

Note: The smaller reels (which fit in the palm of your hand) tend to be about 50 feet in length. This comes out to approximately $10.50 per reel. There is a one time $30 setup fee for film transfers.

We keep your transfers safe and secure on one of our digital servers until we verify you have received your transfers safely in the mail.

View a sample of our work here: 8mm Film Demo

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Web Video Conferencing

At Click Media Services we can help setup your next video conference. Through the technology you request (or we suggest) we will make sure your next web video conference is a success.

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CD and DVD Duplication


We offer the highest quality cd and dvd duplication with the quickest turn around. We offer great rates for bulk cd and dvd duplication as well. Our printers are state of the art and create beautiful prints. Our media will last for years to come as we use AAA Certified Media.

  • DVD and CD Duplication as low as $2.00 per disc

Hard Drive Transfer

Any conversion we provide for you can be transferred to a hard drive in addition to dvd or Blu-ray. We can either provide you with a hard drive for a fee or you can provide us with yours. A hard drive transfer is the best option if you want to edit the transfers yourself later.

  • $35.00 Per Tape



We can take any format and transfer it to a Blu-ray disc. The cost for this is a bit higher however the quality gained is much superior compared to a regular dvd when transferring from a mini dv or digital 8. When transferring from a vhs tape or similar the quality isn’t increased however we can fit many more tapes on one Blu-ray when compared to a single dvd disc.

  • $50.00

Slide Shows


At Click Media Services we take your photos, slides, music, voice overs, titles and more. We can then build you one of our amazing slide shows playable in any dvd player.

  • $100 per hour

Video Production


We have a full Video Production Team standing by to assist you. We have camera operators, producers, lighting specialists, and editors. Let us record your interviews, weddings, plays, or any other event. Weddings are now a flat rate which comes with just about everything you could imagine. Call or email us for more information.

If you are ready to book us please go here Video Checklists
Download one of the following:
Email it to us here: service@clickmediaservices.com

Please view the sample videos below:

  • $100-$300 per hour

Video Conversions: We Can Convert Practically Anything!

Computer Help

At Click Media Services we can convert the following formats to any digital format:

Video Conversions:
Hi 8, 8mm Tape, Digital 8 Tape, Super 8 Film, 8mm Film, 16mm Film, Beta Tape, U-matic Tape, Laser Disc, Mini DV,VHS and VHS C (The mini VHS Tapes), Audio Cassette Tapes, LP Records, 35mm slides, and photos.

When you are ready to send us your transfers go here: Video Transfers
Download the file Client Intake.xls or Client Intake.pdf.
Email the file to service@clickmediaservices.com or mail it in with your transfers.

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