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After Transfer to DVD


After transfer to dvd: Recently many of our customers have been concerned with exactly how to manipulate the material they receive once it’s been transferred to dvd. There are many programs you can useĀ for this. You can simply transfer the vob files off of the dvd and use a program such as adobe premier or final cut pro to edit. You can use a decrypter such as dvd decrypter to rip the files off of the disc. Since these are your precious memories we do not encrypt any of the content on your dvds unless you request this.

We can show you how to decrypt a dvd once your videos have been transferred to dvd. This is a service we provide free of charge. In the event you would like us to take on decryption for you we we can provide the service for a nominal fee.

    Hard Drive Transfer

    Any conversion we provide for you can be transferred to a hard drive in addition to dvd or Blu-ray. We can either provide you with a hard drive for a fee or you can provide us with yours. A hard drive transfer is the best option if you want to edit the transfers yourself later.

    • $35.00 Per Tape