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Video Transfer and Production Specials

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Click Media Services offers special video transfer and production specials. These specials include iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone Transfers to any digital version. Slide Creation is available with any film, tape, or photo transfer. Contact us now for the highest quality and guaranteed privacy when trusting Click Media Services with your Tape, Film, Photo, Audio, iPhone, Android, or Windows Mobile Phone transfer.

    Film Transfers


    We have state of the art equipment for your film transfers. We project from one camera to another which then goes through a direct digital feed (No recording the projection off the wall). We can assist you with 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm Film.

    Note: The smaller reels (which fit in the palm of your hand) tend to be about 50 feet in length. This comes out to approximately $10.50 per reel. There is a one time $30 setup fee for film transfers.

    We keep your transfers safe and secure on one of our digital servers until we verify you have received your transfers safely in the mail.

    View a sample of our work here: 8mm Film Demo