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Slide Shows


At Click Media Services we take your photos, slides, music, voice overs, titles and more. We can then build you one of our amazing slide shows playable in any dvd player.

  • $100 per hour

Video Conversions: We Can Convert Practically Anything!

Computer Help

At Click Media Services we can convert the following formats to any digital format:

Video Conversions:
Hi 8, 8mm Tape, Digital 8 Tape, Super 8 Film, 8mm Film, 16mm Film, Beta Tape, U-matic Tape, Laser Disc, Mini DV,VHS and VHS C (The mini VHS Tapes), Audio Cassette Tapes, LP Records, 35mm slides, and photos.

When you are ready to send us your transfers go here: Video Transfers
Download the file Client Intake.xls or Client Intake.pdf.
Email the file to service@clickmediaservices.com or mail it in with your transfers.